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American Snipers in Action American Snipers in Action (2)
3/10/2015- Social Political - IV1503-6030
By: Dr. Habib Siddiqui - Iviews* - .....

Al-Jumaili had hesitated to leave his home in Iraq, but his wife had urged him to come to the US, where he'd be safer. She'd gone ahead to Dallas not long after their 2013 marriage, but he stayed in Iraq to work and save for their new life. ) ... More
Audio Pyramid of Freedom (1)
2/12/2011- Political - AN1102-4493
By: Editorial - Arab News* - .....

The Egyptian people, when roused, have proved a mighty force. In the end, Hosni Mubarak had no option but to bow to it ..) ... More
The Contagion of Divorce The Contagion of Divorce (1)
7/19/2010- Family Social - IC1007-4226
By: Suzy Ismail - IslamiCity* - .....

Viewing divorce as a spreading disease is a dangerous train of thought, divorced individuals in our communities need friendship, love, support, and companionship even more so after going through a divorce. ) ... More
Audio John the Baptist: A Prophet of Islam (12)
7/4/2010- Interfaith Education Religious - SV0712-3466
By: Sound Vision - Sound Vision* - .....

"Zecheriah, We bring you the good news of the birth of a son whose name shall be John, one whose namesake We never created before.") ... More
Pakistan India provide an example for the Middle East on dialogue Pakistan India provide an example for the Middle East on dialogue ()
7/22/2009- Political - TD0907-3909
By: Staff - The Daily Star* - .....

Palestine is often cited as the Middle East's central, intractable conflict, but as the scope of the "Middle East" widens to the east, we are forced to confront another, 60-year old stalemate, between Pakistan and India ..) ... More
Muslim Unrest in China Muslim Unrest in China ()
7/8/2009- Political - AN0907-3899
By: Staff - Arab News* - .....

China has long been seen as a friend by Arabs and Muslims. In part that is because of its staunch support for the Palestinians although there is much more to it than that ..) ... More
Audio A dream snuffed out (8)
12/29/2007- Political Social Opinion - DW0712-3468
By: Dawn Editorial - Dawn* - .....

BENAZIR Bhutto is dead. She died amidst her supporters who revered her, and her father before her, and from whom she derived her strength, her legitimacy as a leader...) ... More
Audio Plausible culprits in Bhutto's assassination (17)
12/28/2007- Political - TD0712-3470
By: Staff - The Daily Star* - .....

Lone gunmen, local militias, suicide terrorists, state armies, and even some elected leaders in dozens of countries have all become colleagues in an extensive drama ..) ... More
Hamas - A History From Within Hamas - A History From Within ()
9/12/2007- Political Opinion Education - IV0709-3358
By: Jim Miles - Iviews* - .....

In Palestine, Hamas leaders were noted for "ascetism, altruism, dedication, and honesty," for living with and among the people as they always had ..) ... More
Audio The Nanny State ()
8/24/2007- Political Social - TM0708-3350
By: Robert C. Koehler - Tribune Media Services* - 8/23/07.....

One of the most puzzling facts of the political debate," the editorial continues, "is how much traction Republicans still get from their calls to cut taxes and public spending, and how timorous Democrats are in arguing against them. . . .) ... More

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