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 About Us
iViews.com is an interactive publication that focuses upon providing timely reporting and insightful analysis and commentary on issues and events of importance to Muslims. While the publication is written from a Muslim perspective, its focus is not religious. Rather, iViews.com simply strives to add balance and objectivity to an otherwise homogenous media pool. Through expanded news coverage of the Muslim world, in depth analysis of world, national and local issues and enlightened intellectual perspectives, iViews.com works to bring to the fore, issues that might have received only cursory attention from typical media sources.


The typical media consumer is rarely cognizant of the role the media play in filtering news. Rarely do individuals pause to consider the amount of information that is either willfully excluded or not even considered for publication or broadcast. iViews.com strives to serve individuals who wish to be better informed about the world in which we live.

Asking the right questions is the key to insightful analysis. Too often, probing queries are absent from mainstream media and consequently critical perspectives fail to be explored. iViews.com asks those questions, examines causal relationships and provides perspectives that strike at the heart of an issue.

Everyone has an opinion. Unfortunately not everyone has an opinion that adds depth of understanding to an issue or event. iViews.com attempts to provide opinions that help open readers' minds to a vast horizon of thinking that people have concerning stories and issues of our time.

Taking the time to explore an issue in greater detail allows a publication to offer the reader a treatment that does justice to the complexity of that issue. iViews.com tries to be unique in both the breadth of topics covered as well the depth of their exploration.


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