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The Dilemma of Reading The Pledge of Allegiance [OPINION]
The Arabic reading took place days after the POA was read in two other foreign languages. Strangely, those readings did not provoke any sense patriotism or anger among the students or their parents. More
Wealth vs. Money [COLUMN]
"Eighty people hold the same amount of wealth as the world's 3.6 billion poorest people, according to an analysis just released from Oxfam," ... More
Netanyahu the Mightbuster: 'Special Relationship' Nomore [OPINION]
... that sustained the Washington-Tel Aviv alliance for decades and has served as the central discourse to the so-called peace process. According to that script, Israel is allowed to virtually do as it pleases in Palestine as long as it adheres to a strict, agreed upon narrative. More
Naked Bibi [OPINION]
Now the cover is gone and Bibi stands naked before the world. He made clear his rejection of the two state solution and his contempt for the Arab citizens of Israel. And he won.More
''Islamic State' as a Western Phenomenon? Reimagining the IS Debate [OPINION]
By "western phenomenon," I refrain from suggesting that IS is largely a creation of western intelligence as many conspiracy theories have persistently advocated. Of course, one is justified to raise questions regarding funds, armaments, black market oil trade, ... More
Rocka My Soul [COLUMN]
To be ready to die means no more than to be alive with conviction and integrity, to live fully, to say yes to life in this moment - now - and breathe it in, looking, reaching beyond what I think I know.More
Killing Off Myths [OPINION]
Some of the myths that drive Arab discourse about American behavior in the Middle East are fascinating for what they say about our relationship with the region. Though often profoundly wrong, they are nevertheless frustratingly persistent. More
Secret History of My Geography Teacher, also Cofounder of Hamas [OPINION]
Hasanat was not a militant, even though an assault rifle was laid on his chest in preparation for burial. But, when stacked in the right order, historical circumstances could turn a kindly geography teacher, ,,, More
Frat Boys on The Bus [COLUMN]
Racism used to be our default setting; now its overt expression summons a national gasp of disbelief - an instant aversion with the force of a fire hose.More
American Snipers in Action [EDITORIAL]
Al-Jumaili had hesitated to leave his home in Iraq, but his wife had urged him to come to the US, where he'd be safer. She'd gone ahead to Dallas not long after their 2013 marriage, but he stayed in Iraq to work and save for their new life. More




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