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Israeli Role in Syrian Conflict Brought Into the Open [OPINION]
Covertly however Israel is a key player in prolonging the depleting war on Syria and the major beneficiary of neutralizing the military of the only immediate Arab neighbor that has so far eluded yielding to the terms dictated by the U.S. ... More
Living in the Time of Prophesies [COLUMN]
The most influential leaders in the world of politics, religion, and other respected disciplines of knowledge have failed in their efforts to stop the ebbing away of moral values in a culture increasingly insensitive to human life and property. More
The Militarized Divide [COLUMN]
Actual human beings congregate only on one side of it, or the other. If Eric Garner is a nuisance and Michael Brown is a thug and Trayvon Martin is a suspicious-looking kid in a hoodie who didn't belong in that neighborhood . . . then, whoosh, all their humanity vanishesMore
'I Can't Breath': Racism and War in America and Beyond [OPINION]
The American sense of "manifest destiny", accompanied by the "white man's burden", never truly faded into mere historical references. They are real notions that continue to exist and define "white privilege" at home, and military crusades outside. More
Contributions of Islamic Civilization to the Modern World [COLUMN]
Muslim scientists, and other intellectuals ushered in this era with accomplishments that were truly astounding with developments in all possible areas including modern medicine, chemistry and algebra. More
Minority Report [OPINION]
The minority problem is simply much worse in many parts of South Asia and Myanmar (formerly Burma), which at one time belonged to the British Raj. More
Sin Grows With Doing Good [OPINION]
A large number of Americans, mostly people of color, agree with T. S. Eliot. They believe that the cops sinned in imagining they were somehow doing good. More
"Protect and Serve" or "In Your Face" [COLUMN]
The tragedy of Ferguson has certainly generated a national conversation about race, about the over-militarization of local police departments, about the excessive use of force, and about the prosecutor's abuse of the notoriously unfair Grand Jury system. More
The Mockingjay of Palestine: "If we burn, you burn with us" [OPINION]
A feeling of anger initially overwhelmed me when I saw the districts destroyed by the heartless rulers of the Capitol. As I watched the movie, only Palestine, but particularly the Gaza resistance was on my mind. More
Sustainability and Piety [COLUMN]
Due to this remarkable spiritual significance of sustainable architecture in Islam and its unbreakable relationship with people's everyday life, influencing them and being influenced by them, the Qur'an affirms, for example, that buildings can be founded either on God-consciousness ...More




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The higher objectives of the Sharia

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