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Should the police be armed? [COLUMN]
It's the scenario of an army of occupation in us-vs.-them mode, utterly separate from the community it's "protecting," maintaining a semblance of order through sheer armed domination. This is militarized policing, combined with racism; it's the opposite of community policing.More
Do Something, Anything: Naming and Shaming in Yarmouk [OPINION]
Many of those who remained in Yarmouk were torn to shreds by the barrel bombs of the Syrian army, or victimized by the malicious, violent groupings that control the camp, including the al-Nusra Front, and as of late, IS.More
Acknowledging the Armenian Genocide [OPINION]
And the best way forward for the Turkish and Armenian people is a process that works through the past in a way that is honest, open and constructive. More
The Collapse of the Obama Doctrine: Yemen War as an Opportunity? [OPINION]
It saw Yemen as a convenient 'war on terror', enough to give Obama the tough persona that American voters love about their presidents, without the high risk of military quagmires ... More
The Real Nuclear Threat [OPINION]
The icons of military righteousness are endlessly reusable. They're never damaged, apparently, by the slaughter that follows in the wake of their invocation. More
Preying on Anti-Arab Bias [OPINION]
Noting that the Arab carriers had rebutted the allegations that their governments had "subsidized" their operations and countered with the charge that the US airlines, themselves, had been the recipients of a $15 Billion Congressional financial package after 9/11 ... More
Lodestar of Peace [OPINION]
The language of peace has no power. At best, the "war weariness" of the public can cause a certain amount of trouble for the military-industrial engine of geopolitics. More
Urgent 'Musts' Needed for Palestinians to Defeat Apartheid [OPINION]
But Palestinians are not without options. Sure, the odds against them are great, but such is the fate of the oppressed as they are left between two options: either a perpetual fight for justice or unending humiliation and servitude. More
The Dilemma of Reading The Pledge of Allegiance [OPINION]
The Arabic reading took place days after the POA was read in two other foreign languages. Strangely, those readings did not provoke any sense patriotism or anger among the students or their parents. More
The Palestinian Arab Citizens of Israel: Pointing the Way Forward [OPINION]
With 13 seats in the next Knesset, the Joint List is now the third largest party in Israel and given their success they are positioned to grow in strength in coming years. Representing the Arab community that is 20% of Israel's population, ... More




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The status of the Prophet in the universe

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