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White Terrorism [OPINION]
The point of taking this report to heart isn't to flip from "loving" America to hating it, but to grope, with all the courage one can muster, for reasons why we are the way we are, indeed, to find and acknowledge that inner beast, which is still as ferocious as ever. More
The Arab Intellectual is Resting, Not Dead [OPINION]
Yet the ‘spring’ generation, which prided itself on being ‘leaderless’ proved equally incapable to capture popular imagination beyond the initial phase of the protests, nor offered a new cadre of intellectuals that would formulate a new generational vision. More
Bringing Muslims Back to Science [OPINION]
What is desperately needed for modern Muslims is to come to terms with the fact that progress is not going to come from theological debates. Many spend their time in reproducing Christian apologetics as Muslim arguments, or attempting to "refute" that we evolved.More
Netanyahu's Legacy: a Fractured Israel and a Divided America [OPINION]
The While House has charged that the Prime Minister's behavior is "destructive of the fabric of the [US-Israeli] relationship". Secretary of State John Kerry chided Netanyahu's critique of the Iran negotiations as uninformed. And, as of Friday, 36 Members of Congress had announced their intention to boycott the speech. More
Peace Behind Barbed Wire [COLUMN]
If our news and mass-entertainment outlets valued complexity and expansion of the national IQ, we wouldn't go to war. We'd be building our lives on the far side of fear and the far side of cynicism, ... More
Obama's admission not enough: US spin on Middle East violence must change [OPINION]
The constant injection of all sorts of bizarre arguments, like that of Graeme Wood's recent piece in the Atlantic , is aimed at creating distractions, blaming religion and its zealots for their "apocalyptic" view of the world. More
Obama: "Pitch Perfect" [ANALYSIS]
What the President was making clear was that it is disaffection, anger, or alienation that makes young people susceptible to the ideas of extremists. But while the purveyors of violence can prey off of discontent, they have nothing real to offer. More
Malcolm X: The Paragon of Self-Transformation [OPINION]
He saw in the behavior of Muslims towards each other a remarkable absence of racial prejudice. This experience taught Malcolm that people of different races could co-exist.More
Reflections on Some Unfortunate Deaths [OPINION]
As if those targeted murders were not enough, last Friday (February 13) Quba Islamic Institute in Houston was set ablaze in the pre-dawn hours in what can also be described as a hate crime. More
Parking Space Terrorism: Time for Action after Killing of Three US Muslims [OPINION]
Muslims’ attempts to distance themselves from every militant grouping, ideology and tendency has done them no good. A Muslim is a terrorism suspect until proven innocent, especially if a bearded, brown man, or a headscarf-clad woman.More




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Advice from Sayiduna Ali

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