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Can There Be a Doubt About God?
There is nothing plainer and, at the same time, more powerful than the truth. The truth about life is readily available everywhere and in everything. It easily proves itself because…
In Search of the Prophet
O Prophet of Allah, where shall I find the source of my adoration for you? I have memorized hundreds of your sayings since my youth, taught your seerah (example) to…
Medina Charter of Prophet Muhammad and Pluralism
History reveals simultaneous conflict and efforts to resolve tensions and division feeding animosity through mediation, diplomacy, and dialogue ..
Empowering The Vulnerable
OK, here’s a good one: What’s the position of women in the antiwar movement? This was circa 1967, when I was a college kid just coming of age, psychologically and…
The Message of the Prophets Seerah
The foremost feature we observe in his apostolic mission is that he (pbuh) addresses man in his capacity as a human being, setting aside all distinctions of color, race, language…
Names of the Prophet
Defining the meanings of many of the names that have been given to the Last of the Prophets, taken from various works of hadeeth. Muhammad: is a passive participle, whosoever…
Roy Moore: Guilty of Abusing Girls and Religion
In the philosophy of language, we learn the simple truth that the meaning of a word is how it's used in a sentence. The same lesson can be applied to…
Advice of the Prophet
I have never heard a tradition more comprehensive of the beauties of religion, and more beneficial than this. It collects all the good things of Islam but not put to…
On Thanksgiving: Let Us All Praise "The Appreciative One"
In Islamic tradition, it is believed that God has 99 names or attributes that describe God for the believer. These include the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the Creator, the…
Leveraging the Medina Charter
Delivered at the Interfaith Banquet at the 54th ISNA Convention in Chicago, Illinois, on Sunday, July 2, 2017, in the presence of over two hundred interfaith and government leaders from…



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