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Rajab: The month of peace and pluralism
Rajab is the seventh month of Islamic Lunar Calendar. This month is a prelude to Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar in which Muslims are commanded to observe…
The Book that Shaped the World
Fourteen hundred years ago, Allah, the Lord, decided to bring back humanity from the disgrace of slavery into the position of Allah's emissary on earth.
Ireland: Overcoming a History of Hurt
One hundred and seventy years ago, Ireland was in the throes of a genocidal famine during which the island lost between twenty to twenty-five percent of its population. During the…
Prophet Muhammad's Lessons in Leadership - Trust
Take a short quiz at the end of this article. Trust being lost, all the social intercourse of men is brought to naught - Livy (Roman Historian) Prophet Muhammad the…
Breaking The ICE
Perhaps the best political news of the Trump era has been the emergence of sanctuary cities — city governments valuing the presence of immigrants and standing for the protection of…
Will Israeli Policies change If Netanyahu Leaves Office?
If scandal-plagued Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, exits his country’s political scene today, who is likely to replace him? And what does this mean as far as Israel's Occupation of…
Time for Paradigm Shift: 9/11 and Green Scare
“War: A massacre of people who don’t know each other for the profit of people who know each other but don’t massacre each other” (Paul Valéry) A nation and a world…
Qualities of an Exemplary Leader
The Prophet mentioned, "All of you are shepherds, and each of you will be asked concerning his flock." Let us examine some of the implications of the verse relevant to…
Justice is not a fashionable term!
Justice has always been the very essence of all Divinely Guided Religions, mission of all the Prophets and Message of all the Scriptures.
Tariq Ramadan Case: Prison is Better for Me
"He is deteriorating in his cell without trial and before any legal procedure while suffering with a serious illness for more than two years, deprived of all family contact. His…



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