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Israel, Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine [OPINION]
The State of Israel is behaving as if there is no tomorrow. Its people will not live the peaceful and secure lives they crave - and are entitled to - as long as their leaders perpetuate conditions that sustain the conflict.More
Iraq and Endless War [OPINION]
We completely destabilized Iraq in our now officially forgotten “war on terror,” displacing millions of people, killing hundreds of thousands (and by some estimates more than a million), shattering the country’s infrastructure and polluting ... More
Hashtag Genocide: Why Gaza Fought Back [OPINION]
Since Israel besieged Gaza with Egypt's help and coordination, life for Gazans has become largely about mere survival. The strip has been turned into a massive ground for an Israeli experiment concerned with population control. More
Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations - to what ends? [OPINION]
Israel, as a colony, is a constant source of violence and conflict. And it will remain so unless the very colonial structure on which it is founded is brought down - something that has happened in our time with apartheid South Africa.More
Hatred in the Nuclear Era [COLUMN]
In any case, the human race has a demonstrated ability to pull itself out of an instinct-driven existence - but now finds itself at a suicidal impasse, unable, or uncertain how, to commit to taking the next step upwards, beyond violent conflict resolution ... More
The Illusion of Israel's Liberal Democracy [OPINION]
They were wrong. Since the arrival of these migrants, who Israelis call "infiltrators", they have faced nothing but discrimination from both the Israeli government and the citizens of Israel themselves.More
Arab Americans and American Muslims Are at Risk [OPINION]
What we found was that there has been a continued erosion in the favorable ratings Americans have of both Arabs and Muslims, posing a threat to the civil rights and political inclusion of both Arab Americans and American Muslims. More
On Heroes and Preachers: Gaza’s New Resistance Paradigm [OPINION]
Now that Israel's latest war - so-called Operation Protective Edge - has surpassed Cast Lead, in terms of duration, causalities, level of destruction, but also the sheer horrendousness of its targeting of civilians, as dozens of families were entirely wiped out ... More
So, Just Who is Zhul-qarnayn? [COLUMN]
In the same vein, I find the plausibility of Darius the Great or Cyrus the Great to be Zhul-qarnayn to be very flimsy because both of these great kings were known to be Zoroastrians and who contributed to the spread and institutionalization of Zoroastrianism.More
Boycott not only Products, but also Ideas and Values [OPINION]
It is high time, therefore, to really wake up, and embark on a more comprehensive, appropriate and tenable course of action. It is high time to show more respect towards ourselves at all levels of existence and thus secure more respect from others.More




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