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The B Vocabulary: The Western Left and Its Sterile 'Field of Ideas' [OPINION]
While socialist movements in the south, from Asia, to Africa, to the Middle East to South America took real risks to bring about social equality and political paradigm shifts, many in the West offered ‘solidarity’, ... More
What This World Needs is Some Really Honest Journalists [OPINION]
The story presented to the world has, at times, nothing at all to do with the reality on the ground, but it is simply a mosaic of stereotype, hearsay, and babblings from privileged officials who have no understanding of the plight of their people... More
A Smart New Washington Project [OPINION]
When we ask Arabs to name the "greatest threats to peace and stability" in their region, in every poll we have conducted during the past 15 years, the top ranked threats are the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict and "US interference in the Arab World".More
Juvenile Justice and The War on Teens [OPINION]
In other words, when kids start to go astray, the official reaction - at a cost of multi-billions of dollars a year nationally - is to push them further astray, intensifying the suffering of all involved, and, of course, wrecking whole communities. More
The Good, Bad and Uncertain about Recognizing 'Palestine' [OPINION]
One could argue that the recognition of Palestine is much bigger than Abbas as an individual or a legacy. These recognitions demonstrate that there has been a seismic shift in international consensus regarding Palestine, ... More
The Science of Fasting [FEATURE]
Religions have long maintained that fasting is good for the soul, but its bodily benefits were not widely recognized until the early 1900s, when doctors began recommending it to treat various disorders.More
GCC Business Leaders Remain Confident In the Face of Regional Challenges [COLUMN]
Given the multiple challenges and crises facing the region, it is quite remarkable that an overwhelming majority of the business leaders who were surveyed said that current business conditions in their country had improved over the past year.More
Nuclear Realism [OPINION]
Indeed, I see only one way out: a critical mass of humanity coming to its senses and groping for a way to create a peace that that has more resonance than war. We don't have much political leadership around this, especially among the planet's dominant - and nuclear-armed - nation states.More
Beyond the Middle East: The Rohingya Genocide [OPINION]
Sure, the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya may have helped expose false democracy idols like Noble Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi - who has been shamelessly silent, if not even complicit in the government racist and violent polices against the Rohingya - but what good will that do?More
God is Random: A New Perspective on Evolution and Creationism [COLUMN]
So the creationist camp rejects the notion of evolution -as proposed by Darwin- because it is based on chance and randomness. And the evolution camp rejects the notion of God because they believe it is incompatible with the observed, albeit incremental, chance and randomness in nature.More




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