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Genital Mutilation Is Anti-Circumcision [OPINION]
Third, male circumcision is a religious requirement; female genital mutilation is only a tribal custom, originating in sub Sahara Africa; which is now being spread by religious extremists to Asia and the West ... More
Whitewashing Beijing's Repression in Xinjiang Won't Do the Tricks [OPINION]
A second massive Hanification in the form of systematic colonization took place in the 1990s soon after the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Mindful of the emergence of the Central Asian republics, the CCP offered an attractive economic incentive program to the poor Han-Chinese to transfer them from the underdeveloped areas of the country. More
Survival Is the Saudi Key Word [FEATURE]
The US pillar of Saudi security now seems to be in doubt as the United States stands unable to meet Saudi expectations on almost all the most critical issues in the Middle East, from the Arab-Israeli conflict to the Saudi-Iran conflict and the ongoing bloody conflict in Syria ... More
Democrats Need Ethnic Voters to Win in November [OPINION]
According to the 2010 Census, over one-third of all residents in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants from European and Mediterranean countries. Many retain a strong attachment to their heritage, More
Why Israeli Officials are Chuckling: The 'Stable' West Bank Dilemma [OPINION]
The bewilderment would stem from the fact that the West Bank is an occupied Palestinian territory. Its population is held at gunpoint; they have no freedom, and enjoy no rights. Their land is seized by force to make room for more settlements ... More
Syria: "Regime Change" by force has proved a failure [OPINION]
The war on Syria has taken a U-turn during the past year. Assad now firmly holds the military initiative. The long awaited foreign military intervention could not take off; it was prevented by the emerging multi-polar world order.More
Calling All Pagans [OPINION]
The U.S. government continues to subsidize rather than tax fossil fuel production. As a consequence, we're far more prepared to go to war than we are to make peace with the planet. We have to undo this prejudice before it undoes us.More
Bringing Muslims Back to Science [OPINION]
What is desperately needed for modern Muslims is to come to terms with the fact that progress is not going to come from theological debates. Many spend their time in reproducing Christian apologetics as Muslim arguments, or attempting to "refute" that we evolved.More
China's Hanification of Xinjiang is Failing [OPINION]
In the last few decades Beijing's concerted Hanification efforts (i.e., to Sinicize Xinjiang) have only planted unfathomed mistrust and widened the animosity between the Uyghurs and the Han settlers. Tension has led to violence and brutal reprisals.More
Whose Side Is God on Now? [OPINION]
Crimea, said Putin, "is the location of ancient Khersones, where Prince Vladimir was baptized. His spiritual feat of adopting Orthodoxy predetermined the overall basis of the culture, civilization and human values that unite the peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus."More




Fatah and Hamas agree landmark pact after seven-year rift
Ukraine to take on 'agressors' as Russia threatens retaliation
Palestinian rivals announce unity pact, drawing U.S. and Israeli rebuke
Pentagon to Russia: Back away from our allies
CIA is quietly ramping up aid to Syrian rebels, sources say
Democracy in Egypt not actually that important to U.S., analysts say
Russia, China block Central African Republic blacklist at U.N.
Israel shows Zionism's true colors
Obama arrives in Japan for tension-filled Asia trip
What is a Uighur refugee?
Too big to jail in the 'post-legal' U.S.
A legal way to kill?
The Saudi-Brotherhood divide
Malaysia: Obama to visit Masjid Negara
The majesty of Makkah
'Happy Chicago Muslims' dance to Pharrell following viral British video
Los Angeles: USC to host conference on 'Religion, democracy and the Arab awakening'

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