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No Arab Bolivars: As Region Implodes, Arab Socialism Fizzles Out No Arab Bolivars: As Region Implodes, Arab Socialism Fizzles Out (1)
5/2/2015- Political Social - IV1505-6057
By: Ramzy Baroud - Iviews* - .....

That was the time when the slogan: 'Islam is the Solution' became quite dominant. That new slogan pierced through the collective psyche of various Arab Muslim intellectual groups throughout the Middle East and beyond, ... ) ... More
Untangling the truth from the myth of the 'Armenian Genocide' Untangling the truth from the myth of the 'Armenian Genocide' (1)
4/21/2015- Political Social - IV1504-6049
By: Dr. Habib Siddiqui - Iviews* - .....

The sad fact is propaganda matters and genocide nowadays, thanks to the Zionists, has become a big industry. As such, in certain countries anyone doubting or questioning genocide can be persecuted. Argentina, Switzerland and Uruguay have adopted laws that punish genocide denial. ) ... More
Should the police be armed? Should the police be armed? ()
4/17/2015- Social Religious - IV1504-6048
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

It's the scenario of an army of occupation in us-vs.-them mode, utterly separate from the community it's "protecting," maintaining a semblance of order through sheer armed domination. This is militarized policing, combined with racism; it's the opposite of community policing.) ... More
Wealth vs. Money Wealth vs. Money ()
3/26/2015- Social - IV1503-6037
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

"Eighty people hold the same amount of wealth as the world's 3.6 billion poorest people, according to an analysis just released from Oxfam," ... ) ... More
Rocka My Soul Rocka My Soul ()
3/18/2015- Social - IV1503-6034
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

To be ready to die means no more than to be alive with conviction and integrity, to live fully, to say yes to life in this moment - now - and breathe it in, looking, reaching beyond what I think I know.) ... More
Frat Boys on The Bus Frat Boys on The Bus (1)
3/12/2015- Social - IV1503-6031
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

Racism used to be our default setting; now its overt expression summons a national gasp of disbelief - an instant aversion with the force of a fire hose.) ... More
Peace Behind Barbed Wire Peace Behind Barbed Wire ()
2/27/2015- Social - IV1502-6025
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

If our news and mass-entertainment outlets valued complexity and expansion of the national IQ, we wouldn't go to war. We'd be building our lives on the far side of fear and the far side of cynicism, ... ) ... More
Blaming Converts for Terrorism Blaming Converts for Terrorism (3)
1/31/2015- Social Religious - IC1501-6007
By: Dr. Naiyer Habib - IslamiCity* - .....

Converts in the west are bridge builders for communication of Islam between non-Muslims and Muslims because of their language, color, and culture.) ... More
Islamophobia Islamophobia (1)
1/24/2015- Political Social - IV1501-6002
By: Siraj Davis - Iviews* - .....

Islamophobia is generally defined as harmful or insulting actions, practices or beliefs, or social or political systems that are based in views that see the human species to be divided into religious categories with inadaptable shared traits, abilities, or qualities, such as personality, ... ) ... More
Senseless Killings in the Name of Islam Senseless Killings in the Name of Islam (2)
1/20/2015- Religious - IC1408-5933
By: Sadullah Khan - IslamiCity* - .....

In Islam Peace is the standard, it is the principle, and each person of faith has the moral obligation to maintain peace, without compromising on justice and truth. Islam invites to the subul as-salam (pathway of peace); peace of mind, peace of conscience, ... ) ... More

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