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Broken Windows, Broken Spines Broken Windows, Broken Spines ()
5/8/2015- Social Political - IV1505-6061
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

Moral outrage rises from the grass roots. Broken windows don't matter at the same level as broken spines - as racism and poverty and the scapegoating of the poor. Black lives matter. All lives matter.) ... More
Moment of Silence Moment of Silence ()
5/5/2015- Political Social - IV1505-6058
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

As we all know, the media delight in us-vs.-them theatrics, so the aftermath of Freddy Gray's death is mostly portrayed thus, with the police realigning in America's collective awareness as the keepers of order, decked out in riot gear, ... ) ... More
Idiots of the World, Unite Idiots of the World, Unite (1)
4/28/2015- Political Social - IV1504-6053
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

As violent conflict runs wild in the Middle East, the result, the New York Times glibly and mindlessly informs us, "is a boom for American defense contractors looking for foreign business in an era of shrinking Pentagon budgets." ) ... More
Should the police be armed? Should the police be armed? ()
4/17/2015- Social Religious - IV1504-6048
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

It's the scenario of an army of occupation in us-vs.-them mode, utterly separate from the community it's "protecting," maintaining a semblance of order through sheer armed domination. This is militarized policing, combined with racism; it's the opposite of community policing.) ... More
The Real Nuclear Threat The Real Nuclear Threat ()
4/9/2015- Political Social - IV1504-6044
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

The icons of military righteousness are endlessly reusable. They're never damaged, apparently, by the slaughter that follows in the wake of their invocation. ) ... More
Preying on Anti-Arab Bias Preying on Anti-Arab Bias (1)
4/4/2015- Political Social - IV1504-6043
By: Dr. James J. Zogby - Iviews* - .....

Noting that the Arab carriers had rebutted the allegations that their governments had "subsidized" their operations and countered with the charge that the US airlines, themselves, had been the recipients of a $15 Billion Congressional financial package after 9/11 ... ) ... More
Lodestar of Peace Lodestar of Peace ()
4/3/2015- Political Social - IV1504-6042
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

The language of peace has no power. At best, the "war weariness" of the public can cause a certain amount of trouble for the military-industrial engine of geopolitics. ) ... More
The Dilemma of Reading The Pledge of Allegiance The Dilemma of Reading The Pledge of Allegiance (3)
3/30/2015- Political Social - IV1503-6039
By: Mahmoud El-Yousseph - Iviews* - .....

The Arabic reading took place days after the POA was read in two other foreign languages. Strangely, those readings did not provoke any sense patriotism or anger among the students or their parents. ) ... More
Wealth vs. Money Wealth vs. Money ()
3/26/2015- Social - IV1503-6037
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

"Eighty people hold the same amount of wealth as the world's 3.6 billion poorest people, according to an analysis just released from Oxfam," ... ) ... More
Rocka My Soul Rocka My Soul ()
3/18/2015- Social - IV1503-6034
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

To be ready to die means no more than to be alive with conviction and integrity, to live fully, to say yes to life in this moment - now - and breathe it in, looking, reaching beyond what I think I know.) ... More

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