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Armed Insecurity Armed Insecurity ()
7/24/2015- Political - IV1507-6111
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

As a society, we're armed and dangerous - and always at war, both collectively and individually. We're endlessly declaring bad guys (officially and unofficially) and endlessly protecting ourselves from them, ... ) ... More
Soulless Economics Soulless Economics ()
7/23/2015- Political - IV1507-6107
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

And we cannot bring about a change in humanity without a change in our economic system, which asks for sacrifice only from those who already have next to nothing and has no language that values generosity, ... ) ... More
The Collateral Damage of Austerity The Collateral Damage of Austerity ()
7/9/2015- Political - IV1507-6100
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

As the profiteers impose austerity on the vulnerable, indebtedness becomes a condition to be mocked. Yet we are all indebted. Our lives depend on the good will of others. ) ... More
Juvenile Justice and The War on Teens Juvenile Justice and The War on Teens ()
6/5/2015- Social Political - IV1506-6080
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

In other words, when kids start to go astray, the official reaction - at a cost of multi-billions of dollars a year nationally - is to push them further astray, intensifying the suffering of all involved, and, of course, wrecking whole communities. ) ... More
Nuclear Realism Nuclear Realism ()
5/30/2015- Political - IV1505-6075
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

Indeed, I see only one way out: a critical mass of humanity coming to its senses and groping for a way to create a peace that that has more resonance than war. We don't have much political leadership around this, especially among the planet's dominant - and nuclear-armed - nation states.) ... More
Zero Tolerance Zero Tolerance ()
5/23/2015- Social Political - IV1505-6070
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

And "zero tolerance" has been four decades of disaster for communities of color, wrecking families, guaranteeing the rise of street gangs and feeding the prison-industrial complex.) ... More
A New Dark Age A New Dark Age (1)
5/18/2015- Political - IV1505-6064
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

Instead of dealing with real, complex social issues with compassion and intelligence, our major institutions seem to be fortifying themselves - with ever-increasing futility - against their imagined demons.) ... More
Broken Windows, Broken Spines Broken Windows, Broken Spines ()
5/8/2015- Social Political - IV1505-6061
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

Moral outrage rises from the grass roots. Broken windows don't matter at the same level as broken spines - as racism and poverty and the scapegoating of the poor. Black lives matter. All lives matter.) ... More
Moment of Silence Moment of Silence ()
5/5/2015- Political Social - IV1505-6058
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

As we all know, the media delight in us-vs.-them theatrics, so the aftermath of Freddy Gray's death is mostly portrayed thus, with the police realigning in America's collective awareness as the keepers of order, decked out in riot gear, ... ) ... More
Idiots of the World, Unite Idiots of the World, Unite (1)
4/28/2015- Political Social - IV1504-6053
By: Robert C. Koehler - Iviews* - .....

As violent conflict runs wild in the Middle East, the result, the New York Times glibly and mindlessly informs us, "is a boom for American defense contractors looking for foreign business in an era of shrinking Pentagon budgets." ) ... More

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