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Audio Edward, unlike your homeland, you are free now  (S) (33)
9/26/2003- Social - IC0309-2099
By: Mohamed Khodr - IslamiCity* - .....

Edward Said, the 'Happy (Said) Warrior' dedicated his entire life to ensuring the world does not forget that it's conscience and humanity will be wounded for ever until the Palestinians have a soil of their own. ) ... More  
Forces dimming the Light of the Crescent Forces dimming the Light of the Crescent  (S) (48)
3/18/2003- Social Religious Political - IC0303-1890
By: Dr. Mohamed Khodr - IslamiCity* - .....

There is no shame or limit to their defamation of Islam. Given the naiveté of the American people these extremists will "create havoc for their own self-interest.") ... More  
The Splendid and Unspeakable Joy of Killing Arabs The Splendid and Unspeakable Joy of Killing Arabs  (S) (63)
2/28/2003- Political - IV0302-1872
By: Dr. Mohamed Khodr - Iviews* - .....

Were Hollywood and the western media wrong all this time in characterizing Arabs as ignorant, backward, unproductive, prone to violence, greedy, and submissive to their masters? ) ... More  
The Game is Over The Game is Over  (S) (36)
2/14/2003- Political - IV0302-1859
By: Dr. Mohamed Khodr - Iviews* - .....

Refugees pouring out of Iraq by the millions in search of food and shelter. Children too weak to flee. A landscape poisoned by chemical or biological weapons. Relief workers are preparing for the worst if war breaks out in Iraq. ) ... More  
An open letter to Harvard University An open letter to Harvard University  (S) (27)
11/15/2002- Political Education - IV0211-1788
By: Dr. Mohamed Khodr - Iviews* - .....

Harvard's President, Lawrence Summer, a Jewish American and former Secretary of Treasure in Clinton's administration, has become his own Anti-Defamation League at Harvard preventing any dissent or discussion on Israel. ) ... More  
Muslim Americans Must Be Vocal Muslim Americans Must Be Vocal  (S) ()
9/28/2001- Political - IV0109-1546
By: Mohamed Khodr - Iviews* - .....

We are told that there are 7 million Muslims in America, yet only 2 percent are active in their communities. That's only 140,000 Muslims who contribute either their time, money or resources to advancing the concerns of Muslims both here and abroad. ) ... More  
Dial Dial "S" for Murder  (S) ()
3/1/2001- Political - IV0103-1220
By: Mohamed Khodr - Iviews* - .....

You don't know me but I know of you and your military exploits. You see, you and I were in the same city, Beirut, in 1982, albeit on opposite sides of death. You planned the annihilation of Beirut and its civilians raining American taxpayer funded instruments of death on anyone breathing regardless of age, sex, race, religion, location or ideology. ) ... More  
I Beg Your Pardons I Beg Your Pardons  (S) (1)
2/5/2001- Political - IV0102-1180
By: Mohamed Khodr - Iviews* - .....

In the annals of Presidential history Bill Clinton's life and legacy has been stained for posterity, not that it matters to him on a personal level. Bill and Hillary decided a long time ago to fulfill their hunger and greed for ambition and power in an Anti-Machiavellian path, the means justifies the ends. To them, stains can be washed, errors can be spun, and sins can be forgiven. Hillary knows that our nation is a nation of short memory span and superficial understanding and thus in six years all will be forgotten when she approaches the alter of Queen/President. ) ... More  
Israel’s Warped View of Democracy Israel’s Warped View of Democracy  (S) ()
12/14/2000- Political - IV0012-1102
By: Mohamed Khodr - Iviews* - .....

Now that our election quagmire is over with President Elect George W. Bush the winner, our nation can begin the process of healing, uniting, reflecting on the strength of our democracy, and analyzing the uncharted waters of our electoral process and our system of government. It took time and wars for us to eventually settle on “One Man, One Vote” that is the hallmark of our democracy. The One Man, symbolic of all citizens, meant that each American had the right to vote regardless of religion, race and gender. ) ... More  
Is America Heartless? Is America Heartless?  (S) ()
11/26/2000- Political - IV0011-1074
By: Mohamed Khodr - Iviews* - .....

For the last five weeks I've been reliving a difficult, sobering, and tragic time in my life. The time was the summer of 1982 in Beirut where I was training as a Physician at the American University Hospital. That summer Israel besieged the city from the air, land, and sea. Israel's objective was to drive out the Palestine Liberation Organization from Beirut at whatever cost. The cost was heavy. Daily indiscriminate bombing with illegal cluster bombs, shelling, and rockets destroyed anything standing or moving. ) ... More  

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