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Arab & Muslim Nations unite for Haiti Relief

1/28/2010 - Social - Article Ref: IC1001-4063
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By: Staff
IslamiCity* -

Turkish plane being loaded with supplies for Haiti Earthquake victims.

Arab and other Muslim nations are making significant contributions in providing much needed assistance to support the humanitarian relief work being undertaken in Haiti. In the Western press little coverage is given to these efforts.

"While not covered in the US media, we felt it was important to impart this information to the American public. The people of Haiti continue to rely on the world's compassion and generosity, and the Arab world's response to their needs has been significant and noteworthy," said James Zogby, Founder and President of Arab American Institute.

Following is a list of Arab and other Muslim nations that are providing assistance to Haiti earthquake victims.

Countries listed in alphabetical order: 

Granted $1 million in emergency humanitarian aid. 

Sent a disaster relief team to provide aid, pledged $1 million in relief and the Bahrain Red Crescent Society appealed for donations for Haiti. 

Allocated medical supplies and personnel.

Sent $2.1 million aid supplies in form of  40-tons of medicine, food and emergency telecommunication equipments.  Along with this, it also sent 75 rescue personnel comprising 30 medical doctors, 10 rescuers, 10 electricity technicians, 25 construction and telecommunication experts.

Iranian Red Crescent Society officials announced that the country's first aid cargo has reached the quake-hit Central American state of Haiti.

Established a 12-bed military hospital in Port-au-Prince, and are also feeding children who enter; dispatched two planes carrying a mobile field hospital, rescue team, doctors and six tons of aid supplies that include food, medicine and clothing.

Sent 100 tons of food, medical supplies, tents and blankets; donated $1 million, delivered through the country's Red Crescent Society;

Airlifted 25 tons of tents, 3 tons of medicine, vaccines and other supplies; sent aid workers to help in relief effort.

Several organizations in Malaysia have launched a Humanitarian Appeal for the Haiti Earthquake victims. Islamic Relief Malaysia, Mercy Malaysia, Malaysian Red Crescent

Sent $1 million worth of medical and pharmaceutical supplies.

Individuals donated money, food and clothing to the Red Cross.

Mobilized 26-person rescue team of soldiers, police and medical professionals; sent 50 tons of aid.

Donated $50 million, which will be directed through the United Nations.

Airlifted 30 tons of humanitarian aid. 

Allocated $1 million to the United Nations Emergency Fund that was created for Haiti relief.

According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry Turkey has sent three cargo planes carrying search-and-rescue teams, medical personnel and aid materials to Haiti on Saturday January 16, two more planes left Sunday. Turkey continues to expand its relief efforts in Haiti.

Contributed over $2.6 million; three UAE charities donated more than 200 tons of medical equipment, tents and blankets, food and drinking water.

Muslim-American Doctors have set up clinics for the Haiti Disaster. "We are commanded by our creator to help a fellow man in need," said Dr. Ismail Mehr, Committee Chair of the Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA).


Adapted from Press Release of Arab American Institute

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